Disadvantages of group communication

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Disadvantages of group communication

Advantages of Groups Decision Making: Individual and group decisions each have their own strengths and weaknesses. Since group members have different specialties, they tend to provide more information and knowledge.

Also, the information tends to be more comprehensive in nature and the groups can generate a greater number of alternatives.

Implementation of the decision is more effective since the people who are going to implement the decision, either participated in the group themselves or had their representatives in it. This also increases the commitment of the people to see the implementation to success.

It is important that the decision be accepted by all, because even a low quality decision that has acceptance can be more effective than a higher quality decision that lacks general acceptance.

The input from a larger number of people eliminates the biases that are generally introduced due to individual decision making. It also reduces the unreliability of individual decisions.

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The participative style of decision making process builds up foundations as a training ground for subordinates who develop the skills of objective analysis of information and deriving of conclusions. The group decision making is more democratic in nature, while individual decision making is perceived to be more autocratic in nature.

The democratic processes are more easily acceptable and are consistent with the democratic ideals of our society. Disadvantages of Group Decision Making: There are certain drawbacks in group decision making also. The group processes can negatively affect performance in a variety of ways.

The process is highly time consuming in terms of assembling the right group and usually a group takes more time in reaching a consensus since there are too many opinions to be taken into consideration. The time problem increases with the group size.

Advantages of Internal Communication

Accordingly, the urgency of arriving at a decision must be considered when group decision making style is selected. Many times, the participants in group decision making have their own axes to grind or their own interests to protect.

These self- centered interests lead to personality conflicts that may create interpersonal obstacles which may diminish the efficiency of the process as well as the quality of the decision.

Some members may simply agree with the others for the sake of agreement since there are social pressures to conform and not to be the odd-man out.

Thus the desire to be a good group member tends to silence disagreement and favours consensus.

Disadvantages of group communication

The social pressures can be very strong inducing people to change their attitudes, perceptions and behaviours. This means that the group may focus on one or few suggested alternatives and spend all the time in evaluating these and may never come up with other ideas, thus limiting the choices.

The decisions made by the group may not always be in accord with the goals and objectives of the organizations.

This is especially true when the goals of the group and those of individuals do not reinforce each other. This will result in decisions that may be detrimental to organizational benefits.

The groups may shift either towards more risk taking or towards less risk taking and either of the shifts may be undesirable. Generally speaking, problems suitable for group decision making involve some degree of risk or uncertainty. But to take excessive risk is as bad as taking no risk at all.

Studies conducted by Stoner showed that groups tend to shift towards riskier decisions. This way, if the decision turns out to be a bad one, the responsibility for it will not be traceable to any particular individual in the group.Social media has brought to the world a common medium for thoughts, words and expression but with a price.

Disadvantages of Internal Communication

Advantages of Face to Face Communication. Importance of face to face communication are given in the diagram below.

Disadvantages of group communication

Technological advances occur continuously, and businesses often feel the need to implement the latest changes to keep up with the competition. Advantages and Disadvantages of Video Conferencing.

With the increasing cost on travelling, many companies have to turn to a cost effective alternative, especially for those big companies who have many branch offices across the country or across the world. At the same time, working in groups is not without its disadvantages.

It may not work out for the best, all the time. Trying to get people in a group to work together is very strenuous and also takes up . A virtual team (also known as a geographically dispersed team, distributed team, or remote team) usually refers to a group of individuals who work together from different geographic locations and rely on communication technology such as email, FAX, and video or voice conferencing services in order to collaborate.

The term can also refer to .

Advantages and Disadvantages of Working in Groups