My trip to six flags

I may eek out one more trip before the Halloween festivities wrap up. They have a couple of new haunt mazes this year in Wicked Woods over by the log flume, and Aftermath next to Nitro. They also had a new scare zone next to the lake called Lady Lake Cemetery which, true to its name, was a spooky cemetery with a few ghouls spread around wielding shovels and those shaker cans.

My trip to six flags

Comments 0 Add a comment Submitted by: Came here on Black Friday, and it wasn't too crowded. I'm a whiny baby and don't want to wait more than 5 minutes for a ride, but seemed to be average'ish and was tolerable.

My trip to six flags

They are like cotton candy flavored now and in push pops. The Runaway Minetrain is so legit, I love it! The new Texas Giant is legit fun. I had a rubber case on my iPhone, it was in my pocket. I thought it felt safe. I ignored the fact that had been lost so far, and like 7 that day. Nooooo, wasn't going to happen to me.

Six Flags has been very helpful so far in getting it back to me: From the security g Growing up poor, white trash When I was in college, my friend and I had season passes one semester. After our morning classes, we'd hit Six Flags at least every other week until it closed for the season.

It pays for itself after 2 or so times. So, it's a bargain as long as you stay away from the trinkets and such.

My trip to six flags

Going during the week when the youngsters are back in school, you'll virtually have the whole place to yourself. I just took my 5 year-old there for the first time. Luckily, he's tall for his age so we could ride rides that I liked too Shock Wave, Pandemonium etc. Best time to go is midweek, go first thing in the morning when they open, and bring a handkerchief to help you keep cool.

I took my husband who hates Texas heat6 year old son, and 4 year old daughter. There are plenty of rides to take both children on and cool prizes to win at the game tables my son won Shadow!

Trip Report: Six Flags Great America July - Coaster

The park was very, very clean and every attendant was kind and helpful. I bought a funnel cake and wasn't so sure we'd like the apples on top and the lady behind the counter told me to bring it back if I didn't like it.

The park offers free cups of water at every eating place and there is a mister every 20 or so yards in every direction to help cool off. I haven't been toOct 25,  · Updated 11/12/ Seems like in recent years I end up taking my first trip to Six Flags Great Adventure in September for Fright Fest.

I get a season pass each year despite only going a handful of times, but it’s still worth it. Leaving U.S. Army Family and MWR. To continue leaving the Family and MWR site, select "Continue." To return to the MWR website, choose "Cancel." Department of Defense, U.S.

Army or federal government endorsement not implied. Mohamed Othman 9/22/11 My Trip to Six Flags Wow! Look at that roller coaster and its speed and all of the timorous people on it.

Six Flags is synonymous with coasters and thrills. Bugs Bunny and the Looney Tunes gang are on hand (along with the Justice League), and young kids will find rides, shows, and other attractions geared just for them.

My trip to six flags essay – Sherry Rehman

Details: Save big at Six Flags when you bring a can of yunusemremert.comt your can at the ticket booth for savings off of the general admission.

Each Coca-Cola can is valid for a discount on one general admission only. Six Flags is proud to partner with these local hotel & lodging locations to offer you and your family competitive lodging for your trip. VIEW Lodging Lost & Found Services.

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