Payment gateway business plan

Choosing the perfect payment gateway for your business is a critical task.

Payment gateway business plan

It was clear to the panel that the wholly-Nigerian-developed Remita effectively addressed all the requirements expected by the OAGF and its external consultants to support TSA e-payment and e-collection of government receipts.

Upon engagement, Systemspecs worked with the CBN officials to make the solution ready within a very strict timeline in order to meet the planned January launch date of TSA. However, the collection component of TSA did not start as scheduled due to the resistance from a number of quarters and the absence of the political will to push this through.

Under this new arrangement, collections into the TSA would be handled by the following licensed providers: The CBN customers are free to choose any of the five.

It is therefore imperative, that all stakeholders in the TSA framework work assiduously in delivering their parts of the assigned activities identified at the technical committee meeting. In the letter signed by Mr.

payment gateway business plan

We are concerned that this approach may adversely affect our ability to monitor, reconcile and report collections in an orderly manner. The refusal to bring foreign exchange payments and revenue collections under TSA, which is contrary to the original design of having a single view of all government revenues and expenditures is another identified challenge of offers you simple and convenient access to all the government information, forms and services you need.

It's a whole-of-government service providing essential information on planning, starting and growing your business. Intax Pay is the gateway for Hoosiers to pay their tax bills and set up payment arrangements.

This tool is available to customers who owe individual income taxes, and businesses who conduct retail sales. Benefits of a Payment Gateway. 1. Security – This biggest plus point about a payment gateway is the security it offers your website, which in turns ensures that your customers can buy with confidence.

When it comes to cyber attacks Ecommerce is a highly vulnerable industry due to the sensitive information exchanged on websites. PCI compliant payment gateway for merchants worldwide accepting credit & debit cards in Retail, Online, Call centre, OPT/UPT & Vending environments.

Recurring Billing. Recurring billing gives you the ability to set up a payment that reoccurs over a set period of time. If you need to bill your customers on a monthly basis without having to worry about performing this action manually, then you need an online payment gateway that .

Payment Gateways. We offer many payment processing options to serve the needs of your business.

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