The difference between convergence and divergence

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The difference between convergence and divergence

What are the differences between divergence and convergence? By Sean Ross Updated March 18, — 8: In the world of finance and trading, convergence and divergence are terms used to describe the directional relationship of two trends, prices or indicators.

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Convergence Most traders refer to a convergence when describing the price action of a futures contract. Here, convergence describes the phenomenon of the futures price and the cash price of the underlying commodity moving closer together over time.

The actual market value of a futures contract is lower than the contract price at issue because traders have to factor for the time value of the security. As the expiration date on the contract approaches, the premium on the time value shrinks and the two prices converge. In technical analysishowever, convergence occurs when the price of an asset, indicator or index moves in the same direction as a related asset, indicator or index.

Divergence Divergence is the opposite of convergence. When the value of an asset, indicator or index moves, the related asset, indicator or index moves in the other direction.

Technical traders are much more concerned with divergence than convergence, largely because convergence is assumed in a normal market. Divergence is interpreted to mean that a trend is weak or potentially unsustainable. Divergence can be positive or negative. For example, a positive divergence would occur if a stock is nearing a low but its indicators start to rally.

This would be a sign of trend reversalpotentially opening up an entry opportunity for the trader.Dialect divergence and convergence in New Zealand English Molly Babel salient difference between NZE and AuE.

Hay, Nolan, and Drager () examined phonetic convergence and divergence in NZE.

The difference between convergence and divergence

Following that, I provide the. MACD Line (Blue): The MACD line is a combination of 2 EMA; it is the difference between the day and day exponential moving average of closing prices. It is important to note that days and days are the default numbers for MACD; you can change the number around if you feel confident in using and interpreting different time intervals.

The forex is calculated by multiplying the difference between the last and previous closing prices with the definition of the divergence. As with all oscillators the convergence index can be used to calculate divergences and generate signals based on them.

As time advances, the difference between the MACD Line and Signal Line will continually differ. The MACD histogram takes that difference and plots it into an easily readable histogram.

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The difference between the two lines oscillates around a Zero Line. Convergence and Divergence Convergence is where we change our language to show we like someone.

Divergence is where we make our language more different from someone to show we dislike. The MACD Histogram represents the difference between MACD and its 9-day EMA, the Signal line.

The histogram is positive when the MACD Line is above its Signal line and negative when the MACD Line is below its Signal line.