Tic marketing management

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Tic marketing management

Add Tic marketing management favourites If you're confident, resourceful and enjoy customer interaction, working as a tourist information manager could be ideal for you Working as a tourist information centre TIC manager, you'll oversee services that provide information and advice on what to see and do in a particular city, town, area or country.

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The work will involve booking accommodation, making reservations, selling related gifts and souvenirs, running special events and generating marketing opportunities.

Management duties will also need to be covered, such as the daily running of the centre, networking and staff management and recruitment. Responsibilities As a tourist information centre manager, you'll need to: Income figures are intended as a guide only.

Working hours Centres are usually open seven days a week during the summer and six days during the winter, although this varies across authorities. It's typical to work a hour week over a five-day period, often including weekends, though hours are often longer during the busier summer period than in winter.

Part-time or seasonal work is common.

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This is increasingly so at managerial level, especially in smaller centres. Self-employment and freelance work is rare as there's little scope for setting up and running a centre without considerable financial support.

What to expect Tourist information centres exist in most cities and many towns and in rural areas of interest to tourists and visitors. They can also be found in ports, motorway services and airports.

As this is a public-facing role you'll be required to dress smartly, possibly even in uniform. The job may be quite stressful during the busy tourist season when you have to deal with a large number of enquiries.

Most travel in the working day is local, mainly to attractions, events and businesses. You may need to travel to other centres to compare working practices and systems, and to attend conferences or trade events, which may be held anywhere in the UK.

This could mean the occasional overnight absence from home. However, the following may increase your chances:The Department of Managerial Studies offers expertise in the areas of management, marketing, and entrepreneurship.

Faculty members teach and conduct research across a broad spectrum of topics related to entrepreneurship, human resource management, innovation, international marketing, leadership, organizational behavior, product development, transportation and logistics, and strategic management.

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Previously, he held Strategy and Marketing roles for Samsung in Korea and in the US from to From to , Mr. Merrill held various Operations, Marketing, and International Development positions in the telecommunications industry at Covad and at US West (now CenturyLink).

In theory, the marketing planning process consists of analyzing marketing opportunities, selecting target markets, designing marketing strategies, developing marketing programs, and managing the marketing yunusemremert.com practice, however, in the highly competitive marketplaces that are more often the norm, marketing planning is more fluid and is.

Tic marketing management

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