Travelling by airplane essay

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Travelling by airplane essay

Prevention Jet lag, also known as time zone change syndrome or desynchronosis, occurs when people travel rapidly across time zones or when their sleep is disrupted, for example, because of shift work. It is a physiological condition that results from a disruption in the body's circadian rhythms, also known as the body clock.

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It is seen as a circadian rhythm disorder. Symptoms tend to be more severe when traveling eastward compared with westward. Fast facts about jet lag Jet lag can cause headachesinsomniaand irritability. Circadian rhythms regulate sleep and other bodily functions.

When circadian rhythms are significantly upset due to traveling, it is called jet lag. Ways of reducing symptoms include changing your sleeping patterns, avoiding alcohol and caffeine, and getting enough sunlight on arrival.

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What is jet lag? Air travel can cause jet lag, especially long-haul flights going from west to east. Jet lag can occur when sleep-wake patterns are disturbed.

A person may feel drowsy, tired, irritable, lethargic, and slightly disoriented. It can result from traveling across time zones or from doing shift work.

The more time zones a person crosses in a short period, the more severe the symptoms are likely to be. Jet lag is related to a disruption in activity and a lack of synchronization in the brain cells of two parts of the brain. The older a person is, the more severe their symptoms will normally be, and the longer it will take for their body clock to get back into sync.

Children usually have milder symptoms, and they recover faster. Causes To understand jet lag, we need to know about circadian rhythms.

What are circadian rhythms? Circadian rhythms, or the body clock, are hour cycles in the biochemical, physiological, and behavioral processes of our bodies.

They regulate daily activities, such as sleep, waking, eating, and body temperature regulation. The body clock and the brain Jet lag appears to involve a disruption in two separate but linked groups of neurons in the brain.

Travelling by airplane essay

These neurons are part of a structure called the suprachiasmatic nucleus SCN. The SCN is located below the hypothalamus at the base of the brain.Please review the FAQs and contact us if you find a problem.

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